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Top 3 Essentials for Your Home Theater Design Project

How to Create a Home Theater That Is Inviting and Awe-Inspiring!

Top 3 Essentials for Your Home Theater Design Project

Movie magic shouldn’t only happen at the movie theater. In fact, you can have an even better movie experience in your own home. And we’re not talking about a regular-sized TV and a soundbar. We mean something much bigger and better! If you want a home theater design in West University Place, TX, that puts you in the center of all the action, it’s important to know how to optimize and accessorize your space.

From screens and TVs that are 100” (or bigger) to distributed audio with subwoofers and ceiling-mounted speakers, your home theater design can be customized to perfectly suit your needs. And don’t forget the lights, leather chairs with cupholders, and other features. When it’s finally time to install or upgrade your home theater, here are some great ideas to help you begin.

Why Choose Lutron Motorized Shades for Your Home?

How Motorized Window Shades Add Convenience and Luxury to Your Life

Why Choose Lutron Motorized Shades for Your Home?

Do you have shabby shades? Over the years, the sun’s UV rays cause colors to fade and the material to become brittle. In addition, styles come and go. The result? Your shades have a negative effect on the ambiance of your rooms. Improve the aesthetic of your home in Bellaire, TX, with stylish, durable, and smart Lutron motorized shades.

Even something as small as replacing your window treatments dramatically improves the overall impression of a room. But it gets better than that. Lutron shades are motorized and remotely operated for your convenience. Read more to discover the many features and benefits of installing shades by Lutron.

Beat the Heat This Summer With a Smart Home Installation

Using Climate Control and Smart Solutions to Improve Your Home

Beat the Heat This Summer With a Smart Home Installation

Texas summers are brutal with successive long days of sky-high temperatures. Thankfully, Texas smart homes can be outfitted with an arsenal of technology solutions that help homeowners beat the heat in innovative ways.

With a smart home installation, you can outfit your home in The Woodlands, TX, with advanced devices meant to make your life easier and more comfortable. There’s no better way to make your home more pleasant during the dog days of summer than by partnering with Unlimited Integration.

Keep reading to learn more.


Discover How Lutron Shades Provide Savings, Productivity, and Protection


Lutron is a global leader in smart lighting and motorized shading solutions. They produce a wide range of innovative motorized shades that provide precision control of daylight, plus other numerous benefits. You can count on Lutron shades to go beyond just blocking the amount of light that enters your Woodlands home.

Keep reading to find out why Lutron motorized shades are a worthwhile investment for your Texas abode.