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Articles in Category: Home Networking Services

Is your home prepared for a connected world? Forget about lagging, buffering or lost signals with our custom home networking services for Texas homeowners.

How Can a Strong Network Benefit Your Outdoor Spaces?

Enjoy Outdoor Life This Spring With An Expansive, Robust Network

How Can a Strong Network Benefit Your Outdoor Spaces?

Is it finally time to take your entertainment outside? With spring approaching quickly and the Bellaire, TX weather preparing us for fun in the sun, you don’t have to relegate yourself to your indoor spaces. Professional home networking services from Unlimited Integration boost your outdoor WiFi so you can enjoy music, movies, smart home control and internet service without interruptions or delays.

With today’s home networking capabilities, you can extend your wireless coverage to your garden, garage, terrace, pool area, guest house, gaming center, lounge, shed or even your barn. Keep reading to explore the fun of outdoor networking, why we think you’ll want to make the investment and how we can help.

4 Signs Your Home Network Isn’t Robust Enough

Here are the Signs You Might Need a Home Networking Upgrade

4 Signs Your Home Network Isn’t Robust Enough

With the increasing popularity of the Internet of Things and the connectedness it provides, homeowners need a robust home network now more than ever.

From increasing bandwidth demands due to more internet-connected devices in your house to the challenges posed by internet dead spots, if you want to enjoy the best performance from your home technologies, you could benefit from the help of a networking professional.

At Unlimited Integration, we are the Bellaire and greater Houston area’s local source for all things home networking services. In this blog, we explore four signs that you could benefit from a home network upgrade. Just keep reading below to find out more.

Can Your Network Handle the Needs of a Smart Home?

Our Home Networking Services Help You Get More Out of Your Technology

Can Your Network Handle the Needs of a Smart Home?

Networks have evolved from the days of dial-up to the fully integrated smart homes of today. Going with a traditional network designed to deal with a computer, laptop and a handful of wireless devices won't cut it anymore. As the Internet of Things evolves, your network has to deal with media servers, smart thermostats, wireless security cameras, control devices and so much more.

Networks that aren’t up to the task will result in buffering, slow response time and sometimes outright inoperability for some devices. Do you know which home networking services help prepare your Sugar Land TX home for the added demand? Below we outline some steps to take for optimal performance.