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Ketra and Lutron Lighting Control: Natural Indoor Lighting for Your Home

Have Your Home’s Lighting System Reflect Your Natural Circadian Rhythm

Ketra and Lutron Lighting Control: Natural Indoor Lighting for Your Home

It’s widespread knowledge that most of us spend the majority of our days indoors. One study from the EPA revealed Americans spend 87 percent of their day inside, on average.

This presents a critical issue. After all, our natural body clocks are set to the sun.

By spending much of our time indoors, we lose touch with that natural body clock. With the majority of home lighting systems designed for energy efficiency and static light – not our internal circadian rhythm – we suffer from significant health drawbacks; mainly, an altered body clock that can result in poor sleep, leading potentially to long-term health issues.

But what if your home lighting systems could automatically simulate natural light throughout the course of the day; with cooler, bright colors keeping you focused during the day and warm, dimmer colors allowing you to relax in the evening?

It can allow you to lead a healthier lifestyle – improving your mood, your productivity and even your sleep.

That’s why we at Unlimited Integration use Lutron lighting control and its Ketra LED lighting fixtures for our residential lighting installations in River Oaks and throughout the Greater Houston area.

You might be wondering – what is Ketra, and how does it fit into my lifestyle? We dive into the brand more in the sections below.