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Articles tagged with: High-End Audio

Stream Music to Any Room of Your Home

How a whole-home music system transforms the way you listen

Stream Music to Any Room of Your Home

Recent studies have shown that homeowners who stream music out loud in their homes are more likely to engage with family members and enjoy a relaxed environment. From cooking dinner to filing your taxes -- you can have a better experience when you listen to your favorite tunes. If, like many of us, you’re spending more time at home these days, it’s a great time to consider upgrading with an whole-home sound system. How does it work in your River Oaks, TX home? Find out here.

Unlimited Integration Is Your Houston-Area McIntosh Dealer

McIntosh Offers the Best in Home Theater Products

Unlimited Integration Is Your Houston-Area McIntosh Dealer

McIntosh has been a home entertainment leader for 70 years. The brand is well known for high-end audio equipment, stemming from the brand’s initial product – the high power, low distortion 50W-1 amplifier. Present-day McIntosh products still utilize the patented Unity Coupled Circuit that was included in the 50W-1. Since that first amplifier, McIntosh has continued to impress audiophiles with American-made amplifiers, preamps, AV processors, and loudspeakers designed to reproduce live musical performances in your home.

Because of the brand’s longstanding reputation and ongoing commitment to innovation, Unlimited Integration is proud to provide our Houston, TX customers this high-performance brand. As a McIntosh dealer and custom integrator, we can assist you with incorporating McIntosh into your home audio designs and installations.

Keep reading this blog to learn more about what McIntosh’s superior audio solutions can do for your home entertainment spaces.

What You Need to Know When Building a Multi-Room Audio System

Answer These Questions for a Solution Matching Your Unique Listening Needs

What You Need to Know When Building a Multi-Room Audio System

Each time we add a multi-room audio system to one of our client’s homes, we customize it to their specific needs and preferences. Very few people enjoy music in the same way. Easy access may be a priority for everyone, but where, how and what they listen to will vary. Realizing exactly what you need is the first step to getting a successful multi-room audio system at your home in the Bellaire, Texas area.

As you read this blog, consider the answers to all of the following questions. Let the experts at Unlimited Integration then take your feedback to create a custom solution for your space. Likely your answers will affect the wiring, speakers, amplifiers, and other components needed.

Stealth Acoustics Invisible Speakers: Perfect for Multi-Room Audio

Find Out Why We Recommend Stealth Acoustics for Distributed Audio Setups

Stealth Acoustics Invisible Speakers: Perfect for Multi-Room Audio

At Unlimited Integration, our team is committed to delivering best-in-class home technology solutions for our clients.

We don’t just offer brands. We carefully choose the manufacturers we feature in our installations, ensuring that you will enjoy the ultimate user experience regardless of the scope of your project.

If you love listening to music or you’re a self-proclaimed audiophile, it’s especially important that your speakers are capable of meeting and exceeding your music-listening demands.

You might have a dedicated listening room featuring high-fidelity stereo speakers, but what about your multi-room speaker setup?

If you want speakers throughout your house playing your favorite music as you go about your day, you don’t need to settle for low quality. In fact, you can still enjoy a high-performance speaker system throughout your house – with your components remaining hidden from view.

To best achieve this high-end multi-room audio setup at your house in the River Oaks area, our team strongly recommends Stealth Acoustics’ lines of invisible speakers and subwoofers.

Want to find out more about Stealth Acoustics’ multi-room invisible speaker offerings? Keep reading below.