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Articles tagged with: Outdoor Speakers

When Is the Best Time to Install an Outdoor Audio System?

Transform Your Entertainment This Fall With High-Performance Sound

When Is the Best Time to Install an Outdoor Audio System?

Naturally, a lot of people think the best time to integrate outdoor entertainment is during the summer break with beautiful sun-lit days and a lot of free time on hand. Sadly, that enthusiasm dies off quickly when the temperatures get close to the triple digits in River Oaks, TX. Families also usually end up taking longer summer trips or activities that keep them away from their brand-new outdoor audio installations.

In our experience, the time when you’ll most enjoy your outdoor sound system is in the fall. During the fall, you not only have the perfect weather to head outside, but there’s also a lot of additional entertainment options for you to enjoy. Unleash the full potential of your outdoor spaces by hosting the ultimate football tailgates when the Cowboys season kicks off in September or finding fun ways to relax with the family on the weekends. 

4 Awesome Ways to Enjoy Your Outdoor Audio This Spring

High-Quality Audio Helps You Transform Your Outdoor Spaces

4 Awesome Ways to Enjoy Your Outdoor Audio This Spring

On the grand authority of Punxsutawney Phil, we know the crisp spring weather is just around the corner here in Southeast Texas. Making the most of spring before the muggy summer temperatures sneak in is a big priority for many of our clients. And no outdoor entertainment upgrade is in higher demand than a high-performance, immersive sound system.

Lose yourself in the cool breeze and under the starlight with the perfect playlist. Listen to your favorite podcasts or sports teams while tanning by the pool or jogging in the backyard. How you use your outdoor audio installation is up to you, but why not get you started with some of our favorite uses?

In this blog, we highlight how to get high-quality sound to your outdoor spaces and the best way to enjoy it at your home in the Bellaire area or beyond.

How You Can Enjoy a Seamless Outdoor Audio Installation

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Landscape Design for High-Performance Speakers

How You Can Enjoy a Seamless Outdoor Audio Installation

If you own dedicated speakers at home, you know just how valuable they are to the listening experience.

Regardless of whether it’s for a stereo or surround-sound system or a single-room or multi-room setup, having high-performance speakers can transform the listening experience for any music lover in your family.

But what about for the time you and your family spend outdoors in your backyard? While you can boast a pair of floorstanding speakers indoors and nobody thinks twice about it, you must be careful about owning outdoor speakers.

While they are perfect for delivering high-fidelity audio outside, elevating any relaxation session or gathering with friends under the sun, you need to ensure not only that they are weatherproof and high-quality and but also that you have enough speakers to evenly disperse sound throughout your desired listening field. And you have your landscape design to consider.

After all, you don’t want your kids to be tripping over or running over your speakers as they run by the pool deck. That’s a lose-lose situation for everyone.

At Unlimited Integration, we’re the Sugar Land, Texas area’s leading outdoor audio installation experts – providing customized solutions that can ensure you enjoy not only a fun, high-performing outdoor speaker system but also one that stays out-of-sight in the best ways possible.