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Outdoor Audio Installation: A Few Factors to Consider

How Outdoor Audio Differs From Indoor Setups, And How You Can Make It Stand Out

Outdoor Audio Installation: A Few Factors to Consider

If you’re reading this blog, we assume that you might have already consulted with Unlimited Integration regarding your indoor home audio needs, but the warmer weather might prompt you to shift some of your entertaining and relaxation outside. Don’t trap your favorite music indoors!

There’s nothing like a warm, sunny day by the pool with a playlist that fits the mood of your audience and party. Before you get started, find out how the process might look different for an outdoor audio installation, and a few vital points to consider first. Keep reading for some expert tips for jazzing up your Memorial, TX, outdoor spaces!


How You Can Enjoy a Seamless Outdoor Audio Installation

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Landscape Design for High-Performance Speakers

How You Can Enjoy a Seamless Outdoor Audio Installation

If you own dedicated speakers at home, you know just how valuable they are to the listening experience.

Regardless of whether it’s for a stereo or surround-sound system or a single-room or multi-room setup, having high-performance speakers can transform the listening experience for any music lover in your family.

But what about for the time you and your family spend outdoors in your backyard? While you can boast a pair of floorstanding speakers indoors and nobody thinks twice about it, you must be careful about owning outdoor speakers.

While they are perfect for delivering high-fidelity audio outside, elevating any relaxation session or gathering with friends under the sun, you need to ensure not only that they are weatherproof and high-quality and but also that you have enough speakers to evenly disperse sound throughout your desired listening field. And you have your landscape design to consider.

After all, you don’t want your kids to be tripping over or running over your speakers as they run by the pool deck. That’s a lose-lose situation for everyone.

At Unlimited Integration, we’re the Sugar Land, Texas area’s leading outdoor audio installation experts – providing customized solutions that can ensure you enjoy not only a fun, high-performing outdoor speaker system but also one that stays out-of-sight in the best ways possible.