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Why Choose Lutron Motorized Shades for Your Home?

How Motorized Window Shades Add Convenience and Luxury to Your Life

Why Choose Lutron Motorized Shades for Your Home?

Do you have shabby shades? Over the years, the sun’s UV rays cause colors to fade and the material to become brittle. In addition, styles come and go. The result? Your shades have a negative effect on the ambiance of your rooms. Improve the aesthetic of your home in Bellaire, TX, with stylish, durable, and smart Lutron motorized shades.

Even something as small as replacing your window treatments dramatically improves the overall impression of a room. But it gets better than that. Lutron shades are motorized and remotely operated for your convenience. Read more to discover the many features and benefits of installing shades by Lutron.

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The Ambiance You Adore

Something as simple as shades can change the look and feel of a room. So, when it’s time to get new ones, don’t settle for ordinary. Lutron features extraordinary shades that come in many varieties with a wide selection of colors, materials, and designs to match your décor. Most importantly, they take advantage of whisper-quiet electronic technology. Your beautiful new shades not only look good, but they operate silently and flawlessly. Their stylish control features, as well as fabric varieties, allow you to seamlessly transition a space to create the right amount of light based on your needs.

Where Form Meets Function

A shade is a shade is a shade. That’s simply not true. Many shades are intended to serve a functional purpose, lighting control, but they miss out on style. And the converse is true as well. Other shades look beautiful, but they do not provide the light-filtering or room-darkening functions you need, and they don’t lower and raise automatically.

That’s not the case with Lutron shades. They are functional as well as attractive. You can filter the light any way you want – to control heat, darken a room, or provide a soft light filter. Paired with your automated lighting system, your new Lutron motorized shades give you complete light control.

Smart Control for Easy Living

Lutron shades are attractive, functional, and – most importantly – motorized, remotely operated, and programmable. You won’t need to mess with cords, manually raise and lower your shades, and maneuver around the furniture to do it. Lutron manufactures shading systems that can be operated using your mobile device, remote controls, keypads, or even by programming them. By touching a button, you let your shades do the work for you. When you integrate your motorized shades into your home automation system, you enjoy a level of living that offers convenience and comfort.

The Right Choice for Lutron Shade Installation

Installing a Lutron shading system should be left to the experts. You may have installed ordinary shades on your own, but Lutron shades have technological components that must be installed and calibrated correctly. When you use a Lutron installation specialist, you’ll enjoy a finished product that looks fantastic and provides reliable performance. Unlimited Integration is not only certified by the Home Technology Association (HTA), but we’ve been installing Lutron products for many years.

Update your home by adding motorized Lutron window shades that provide the beauty, convenience, and controls you want. Call us at (832) 857-0080 or complete our online contact form for more information about our services.

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