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3 of the Newest Home Automation Features from Savant

Check out the Latest Smart Technology Updates for Your Home

3 of the Newest Home Automation Features from Savant

Give your home a smart technology upgrade this year, whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to expand your existing system. Savant home automation systems have a lot of exciting new features for you to take advantage of!  

How about embracing new tunable lighting fixtures that enhance your well being and your interior décor? Or enjoying higher quality entertainment with their brand-new IP audio solutions? What about taking your access control to the next level with their elegant door stations?

Revamp your Bellaire, TX home by integrating these smart features into your tech lineup. Education is always the first step when adding new technology, so below, we've outlined everything you need to know about the new lighting, entertainment, and security features from Savant Systems.

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Tunable Lighting

Elevate your well-being along with your interior décor through Savant’s new tunable lighting solutions. Recently, the company partnered with USAI lighting to offer homeowners a more natural way to adjust color temperature, RGB color, and dimming levels.

Of the three, the new ability to manage color temperature has the most significant impact on your home. You can use different color temperatures to improve your circadian rhythm and overall sleep quality. Pull up warmer orange hues to encourage relaxation or cooler blue lighting to inspire activity during the day. On the stylistic front, cooler temperatures make rooms seem cleaner and brighter while warmer tones make them more inviting.

Easily adjust your lights using Savant's TruImage feature, which saves settings based on pictures you take with your phone. Use mobile apps, natural voice commands, or even schedules scenes to change your lights throughout the day.

Savant Door Station

Security has always been one of the biggest priorities for those looking to incorporate smart home technology. And when it comes to security, entry services usually have the highest demand. People are yearning for easier ways to manage who comes and goes at any time. And they want to do it without having to deal with outdated panels that are hard to maneuver and intrusive on the décor.

Savant systems offer wide-ranging door stations for front doors, side doors, gates, and garages. They come with HD video, night vision, and two-way intercom communication. The best part is you can access them from anywhere in the world through the Savant Pro app. From the app, you can even unlock doors, open the garage door, or turn on your lights in response. Also, receive notifications where there's motion near specific door stations or when certain keypad buttons are pressed.

IP Audio

Savant systems embrace a more modern approach to whole-home audio through their IP audio solutions. What is the benefit of using your network infrastructure to distribute your audio? For one, you avoid running costly wires. Second, you can send digital signals along your entire distribution path, unlike the traditional distribution systems which require analog-to-digital conversions along the way.

Another benefit of Savant IP audio is its scalability. Since their whole home audio systems follow industry standards, they ensure added compatibility with most audio products. More importantly, because IP Audio is decentralized –audio can be sent to any location with a network endpoint-- and extended to many more zones. In fact, Savant’s IP audio products cover up to 96 rooms on just one network!

From better, easier-to-use entertainment to seamless security, these new Savant features transform your smart home! To find out how to upgrade your Savant home automation system, call us at 832.857.0080, fill out our contact form, or chat with us on the right!