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Jazz Up Your Outdoor Spaces With Savant Home Automation!

You’ll Be Surprised by These Savant Capabilities!

Jazz Up Your Outdoor Spaces With Savant Home Automation!

 When it comes to automating your home, you’re likely to have strong preferences depending on your likes, dislikes and ultimate priorities. Many of our clients choose Savant: They enjoy its complete ease of use, sleek interface and seamless compatibility with their Apple devices.

If you’re considering a Savant home automation installation in your River Oaks, TX home, you probably know that Savant can automate your A/V equipment, lights, temperature and security, but maybe you want to learn more about those extra features that make you give Savant an edge. Keep reading to see why Unlimited Integration partners with Savant to add entertainment features to Texas homes.

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Savor Your Spa and Pool With Savant

It might be a little too cold in Texas to go swimming or tanning by the pool, but spring will roll around before you know it. Prepare for warmer weather by integrating Savant with a Jandy pool control system!

With Savant’s help, you can program your pool or jacuzzi temperature from your smartphone, so it will be ready after a long day at work. If your pools or spas come equipped with any extras, like waterfalls or jets, you can activate or deactivate them from any Savant app or remote too.

Of course, these functionalities can come in handy for your indoor pools too, within both your primary and vacation homes.

Add a Splash of Music

While you’re enjoying your pool or hot tub just the way you like it, why not savor the moment even more with some choice music or entertainment? Programming your favorite music to play everywhere is possible with an outdoor audio installation.

Having a party? You can program your music to play either the same tunes throughout the house or amp up the festivities outside with something more festive. The right speakers make all the difference when you have no walls to contain your audio. We use some of the world’s leading outdoor audio brands for our projects – including Coastal Source, James Loudspeaker and Sonance.

Worried that you’ll ruin your landscaping investment with all those outdoor speakers? We’re glad to inform you that all three of the brands above camouflage their outdoor gear, so your audio gear can look just like the rocks and planters around them.

We wire outdoor audio equipment to look as inconspicuous as possible and protect the cables from sun, rain or pool water damage.

Lights and Video

Savant’s partnership with USAI led to their innovative Savant Pro offerings. These capabilities let you create lighting scenes and shift among millions of light colors that you can program through Savant’s app. How cool would it be to light your pool and patio different colors while you’re relaxing with a glass of wine, enjoying a date night or entertaining friends?

The ultimate luxury sounds like watching your favorite show from the jacuzzi or pool, so consider an outdoor television display. Savant distributes to several video channels from one source, including your patio. This way, you can keep vulnerable source components—like a Blu-ray player—indoors while still enjoying the content outside.

Choose a display that performs well under unpredictable outdoor lighting -- we recommend the a model with anti-glare features, fast response time and wide screen. We can also install a TV shield or enclosure to protect your investment.

Unlimited Integration can’t wait to help you prepare for spring by adding outdoor entertainment to your home. To learn more about our services or set up a consultation, call us at 832.857.0080, fill out our online contact form or chat with our team on the bottom right of your screen.

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