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How You Can Enjoy a Seamless Outdoor Audio Installation

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Landscape Design for High-Performance Speakers

How You Can Enjoy a Seamless Outdoor Audio Installation

If you own dedicated speakers at home, you know just how valuable they are to the listening experience.

Regardless of whether it’s for a stereo or surround-sound system or a single-room or multi-room setup, having high-performance speakers can transform the listening experience for any music lover in your family.

But what about for the time you and your family spend outdoors in your backyard? While you can boast a pair of floorstanding speakers indoors and nobody thinks twice about it, you must be careful about owning outdoor speakers.

While they are perfect for delivering high-fidelity audio outside, elevating any relaxation session or gathering with friends under the sun, you need to ensure not only that they are weatherproof and high-quality and but also that you have enough speakers to evenly disperse sound throughout your desired listening field. And you have your landscape design to consider.

After all, you don’t want your kids to be tripping over or running over your speakers as they run by the pool deck. That’s a lose-lose situation for everyone.

At Unlimited Integration, we’re the Sugar Land, Texas area’s leading outdoor audio installation experts – providing customized solutions that can ensure you enjoy not only a fun, high-performing outdoor speaker system but also one that stays out-of-sight in the best ways possible.


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Our Approach to Outdoor Audio

As music enthusiasts ourselves, our team of speaker system design experts always works with the aim of crafting a setup that delivers the best sound quality for your backyard.

Outdoor speaker selection is such a vital process. Whether you’re using outdoor speakers as background audio during a tailgate this football season or to help elevate the atmosphere as you host an evening gathering with friends, you need reliable speakers that deliver high-quality sound within a moment’s notice.

That’s what we love about outdoor speakers – you don’t need to carry a Bluetooth speaker outside every time you want to listen to music. With a dedicated outdoor audio installation that even can integrate with your indoor speaker systems, you can enjoy one-touch control and an equally impressive auditory experience.

So, how can we ensure a top-notch installation at your home? We partner with some of the world’s leading outdoor audio brands for our Sugar Land-area installations – including Coastal Source, James Loudspeaker and Sonance.

We’ll work with you to develop a customized plan for your backyard, so you can immediately make the most of your system from the moment you begin using it.


How Outdoor Speakers Stay Out-of-Sight

As we mentioned above, your outdoor speaker system might consist of several speakers.

This is because if you want an even sound field throughout your backyard, you can achieve this more effectively through multiple speakers playing audio at a reasonable level compared to just one speaker playing at a deafening volume. It allows for a more pleasurable listening experience for everyone.

So, if you feature multiple outdoor speakers, how can you ensure they remain out-of-sight while still delivering a best-in-class listening experience? The key lies within the types of speakers you can feature.

Coastal Source, James and Sonance all feature small satellite speakers and subwoofers that are placed in the ground and can be hidden within bushes or natural features of your landscape.

And while Coastal Source and Sonance each also offer outdoor speakers disguised in the form of a rock, James offers speakers hidden in the way of a planter.

With this variety of outdoor speakers to choose from, we’ll work with you to create an outdoor audio design that is optimized for your backyard. We take pride in the fact we don’t ever offer one-size-fits-all solutions. We’ll create a speaker system design that’s entirely customized for your property.


Do you want to learn more about the types of speakers you can include in your property’s outdoor audio installation? Want to find out more about our custom approach to every project?

Reach out to our team today! You can get in touch with us by either contacting us at 832.857.0080 or by chatting live with us below. We look forward to hearing from you!


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