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4 Signs Your Home Network Isn’t Robust Enough

Here are the Signs You Might Need a Home Networking Upgrade

4 Signs Your Home Network Isn’t Robust Enough

With the increasing popularity of the Internet of Things and the connectedness it provides, homeowners need a robust home network now more than ever.

From increasing bandwidth demands due to more internet-connected devices in your house to the challenges posed by internet dead spots, if you want to enjoy the best performance from your home technologies, you could benefit from the help of a networking professional.

At Unlimited Integration, we are the Bellaire and greater Houston area’s local source for all things home networking services. In this blog, we explore four signs that you could benefit from a home network upgrade. Just keep reading below to find out more.

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You Own Many Wireless Devices and Plan to Invest in More

If you already own many smart, wireless gadgets and plan on adding more for the holidays, you might want to listen up. If you’re running several devices through one network, your network gets congested and performance might suffer if you don’t have enough bandwidth available to support that amount of demand. Unlimited Integration’s team of HTA-certified experts wants you to enjoy all the technology that you want and need within your home, so we examine your current network and device load and execute a carefully crafted plan to improve your network performance.

You’re Relying Too Much on One Router

Routers only cover a small radius within your home, yet so many households are using one to cover their entire homes. If you can check your emails or Facebook within a small circumference of the house, or even just in certain rooms, blame your wireless reach. We can install wireless access points in targeted areas of your property to extend your network’s Wi-Fi signal.

Your Netflix Shows Keep Freezing, Mid-Stream

Wireless streaming services, especially video, require extensive bandwidth from your home network. HD and 4K content takes an extra toll. If you watch online streams and they continually pause to buffer, you find that pages take long times to load while browsing the internet, or you find that smart home devices are slow to respond, it could mean that your internet speeds are to blame. After all, most internet service providers offer basic plans featuring internet speeds of just 150 Mbps. We recommend upgrading to a plan of at least 1,000 Mbps download speeds to support continual smart home usage.

Your Upgraded Internet Package Still Isn’t Working

Your local internet service provider knows that you need faster internet to support all of your wireless devices, but they don’t have the installation prowess to guarantee a quicker connection throughout our house. Our team at Unlimited Integration looks at the coverage gaps within your network and explores unique, home network solutions.

Speed isn’t everything: We’re also concerned with safety and continued satisfaction. We collaborate with your ISP to ensure a safe system that can handle anything your home technology throws its way, including outside attacks. Better yet, we promise to provide ongoing support to ensure your network keeps up to speed with any device installations or updates to your home.

New Year, New Network

We suggest professional getting help with home networking services before the end of the year. You won’t only reap the benefits immediately after installation, but the right setup will ensure smoother access for devices you install in the future (or maybe some fun smart technology gifts you receive for the holidays.) Again, we don’t just set your network and forget it – we provide ongoing support for you and your home.

Ready for a more streamlined wireless network that can manage all your home functionalities simultaneously? You can contact one of our experts today by calling 832.857.0080, filling out our online contact form, or talking to a chat representative on the bottom right of the screen. We hope to hear from you soon!

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