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Lutron Lighting Control: For Both New and Old Homes

Want to Upgrade Your Home’s Lighting Control System? Explore the Possibilities.

Lutron Lighting Control: For Both New and Old Homes

When considering Lutron lighting control, many people think of either new-home construction or whole-home renovations. But did you know that Lutron has plenty of solutions for retrofitting your existing home, too – with minimal wall intrusion? Those with brand-new and older homes in the Sugar Land or greater Houston area will both love the lighting control flexibility that Lutron provides. We’ll discover some of the brand’s capabilities in this blog while taking a closer look at RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS.

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Introducing RadioRA 2: What to Know

Lutron’s largest, entirely wireless lighting control system is RadioRA 2 – which can also control temperature, shading and audio in the home. Each RadioRA 2 install can support up to 200 devices and cover up to 7,500 square feet. The best part? The system is wireless and mobile-friendly.

Wireless Wonders

When your system doesn’t require wiring, you can easily retrofit an older home or more efficiently build a new house. Wireless solutions don’t destroy your walls during installation, so you can add them at any time, even as an afterthought.

The RadioRA 2 system relies on local RF control instead of being wired from a centralized panel. In a RadioRA 2 installation, “dumb” light switches are replaced with one of Lutron’s RF switches or keypads. (You have a choice between a variety of finishes and designs for each wall-mounted panel.) This configuration works perfectly for retrofits because a central control installation often requires opening the walls – making them ideal configurations for a new builds. We’ll discuss a more extensive Lutron lighting control program with stronger capabilities later.

Lutron’s RadioRA 2 readily adapts to future customizations, integrating seamlessly with Lutron shades, thermostats and vacancy/occupancy sensors for robust, wire-free home control.


Access your Lutron lighting control system from a smartphone app, and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to turn off your lights again. Through connecting your RadioRA 2 main repeater to the Lutron Connect bridge, you can gain access to your lighting control system remotely – such as through a Lutron or third-party control application on your smartphone or tablet.

Lutron lighting control systems integrate with both Control4 and Savant, so if you have a  more expansive home control system, you can use your Lutron configuration within the universal Control4 or Savant setup. Alternatively, if you only feature a Lutron lighting system at your home, you can use Lutron’s own mobile application to control your system from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Dim the lights, create custom lighting scenes and more – all without having to use the switch.

“A More Complex Design”

If you want a complete solution that does everything RadioRA 2 can, and more, let’s talk about another Lutron control system, HomeWorks QS. HomeWorks gives homeowners both wired and wireless access (also known as a hybrid configuration) and covers significantly more square footage and significantly more devices. HomeWorks QS can operate locally like RadioRA 2 or from a more powerful, centralized system that connects to a control room. Either way, like RA 2, homeowners can access it remotely.

A Lutron whitepaper explains its capabilities best: “HomeWorks QS offers a much more extensive hardware selection than RadioRA 2, which provides for more complex design. While you can set up HomeWorks QS systems in a local strategy, you can also centralize them. In a centralized system design, loads/lixtures are home run back to panels in an equipment room.”

Additionally, you also can feature some of Lutron’s newest products only within a HomeWorks QS system – such as Ketra tunable LED lighting or Palladiom motorized shades. 

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