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Can Your Network Handle the Needs of a Smart Home?

Our Home Networking Services Help You Get More Out of Your Technology

Can Your Network Handle the Needs of a Smart Home?

Networks have evolved from the days of dial-up to the fully integrated smart homes of today. Going with a traditional network designed to deal with a computer, laptop and a handful of wireless devices won't cut it anymore. As the Internet of Things evolves, your network has to deal with media servers, smart thermostats, wireless security cameras, control devices and so much more.

Networks that aren’t up to the task will result in buffering, slow response time and sometimes outright inoperability for some devices. Do you know which home networking services help prepare your Sugar Land TX home for the added demand? Below we outline some steps to take for optimal performance.


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How to Strengthen Your Network

Every network has the same basic framework. Your modem receives a signal coming from your internet service provider and translates it for your router, which then broadcasts it throughout the house. As you look to improve your network, you need to strengthen every step in the chain.

Start by finding an ISP that offers packages with high speed and low latency. Then you want to make sure all your connections are strong by relying on a professional framework of CAT5/6 cables. Always use a hard-wired solution when possible; especially with high-bandwidth products like streaming devices or security cameras.

The router is the most important part of your networking chain. It should be in a central location to get a strong signal throughout your space. Install a dual-band router that lets you divide up the traffic between 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels. For better traffic control, you can also set up preferences within your router. Let it know which type of data (like audio streaming or security) it should prioritize.

Ethernet switches take some of the pressure off your router by connecting devices within a general area and helping to manage traffic between them. Especially in large homes, switches help signals travel more smoothly from one device to another.

How to Bolster Your Wi-Fi Coverage

As you plan out your home networking services, there may be areas or devices best suited for wireless installation. Routers may only get you high-quality coverage so far, so what’s the best way to extend it? There are a variety of products that can take your Wi-Fi signal and relay it to other parts of the house.

We recommend using wireless access points. Access points are hardwired to your router and will boost the signal in hard-to-reach areas like your basement, guest bedroom or even your backyard. In some larger homes, it may be worthwhile also to have additional routers on separate floors or wings.

How to Make Sure You Are Protected

When it comes to connected devices, speed and coverage aren’t the only things that matter. You also need to consider your security.

The first step is making sure you have reliable equipment. Your router and all smart devices need to be from reputable companies with security protocols in place. For example, you should always use routers and computers that have built-in firewalls. Here is where a professional can help, guiding you through the landscape to find a truly secure solution.

When you install these devices, you should always change the name of the network and password, since hackers have made many factory log-ins available online. Set up separate guest networks, so friends and family can link their devices without putting the rest of your home at risk.

Another way to protect your network is to always install software updates for your connected devices. These usually include essential components that patch up existing security flaws. Through our service plans, we let you know when an update is available and even take care of it for you.

Are you wondering if your current network is up to the task? We can do a walk-through of your house and recommend the necessary home networking services to ensure optimal performance at all times. Get started by calling 832.857.0080, filling out our online contact form or chatting with a live representative.


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