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Why We Love Control4 for Texas Smart Homes

See What’s New and Improved in Control4’s Smart Home Systems

Why We Love Control4 for Texas Smart Homes

As the Control4 smart home experts in the Bellaire, Texas area, we at Unlimited Integration keep up with the latest innovations and the best user experience features from one of the world’s leading home automation brands. We do this to provide you with the best possible experience as you enjoy your smart home system.

If you’re looking to add an integrated smart home system to your property, you should know that Control4 ranks as one of the top home automation solutions for homeowners. You’re about to find out why.


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Basic Benefits

First, let’s rehash some of the reasons why you should consider using Control4 for your integrated home system. Then, we will dig into some of their most popular updates.

3rd-Party Integration

We’re impressed by Control4’s commitment to improving third-party integrations. Whether it’s Nest, Sonos, Alexa or beyond, Control4 makes sure that you can manage your favorite smart devices through the system’s universal interface. No third-party drivers or in-depth programming is necessary to access many of your favorite smart home devices through Control4; allowing you to enjoy effortless integration throughout your property.

Old Building, New Tricks

Control4 makes retrofitting easier, even in older buildings. Our team of skilled technology integrators can customize your Control4 smart home system based on your specifications, with high-end audio, video, motorized shades, automated lighting, intercoms and much more built into your setup.

Budget-Friendly Integrations

Control4 consistently shines when it comes to merging budget and quality. The system has long been a favorite for its comprehensive offers at a competitive price. Homeowners are often surprised by everything they get for one price in their Control4 smart home.

What’s New and Now

Get excited: Control4 is creating a more interactive home technology experience every year. Let’s take a look at the innovations you might not have seen yet.

Intercom Anywhere

Control4’s new Intercom Anywhere system helps you and your guests engage more closely with your home. Through your mobile phone, you can “speak” to any room in your home or monitor your front door – from anywhere in the house.

Control4 Door Station

Wouldn’t you love to know who just rang your doorbell, so you can see if it’s worth opening or not? With the election season just behind us, most of us can agree that not everyone was a particularly welcome visitor. With Control at Home, you get a video directed to your touchscreens in various rooms of the house or on your personal smart device. Then, communicate with guests at the front door and even remotely unlock the door to allow them inside.

When >> Then Automation Platform

With this update to the Control4 When >> Then platform, customers can add customized commands to all components of your smart home. For example, you can modify custom lighting schedules, add new settings to pre-installed systems and create voice-control scenes for Amazon Alexa. Previously, homeowners haven’t had this elevated level of customization with their Control4 system. Now, you can easily create new automation settings that enhance your day-to-day routine.

Control4 OS 2.10.4

Much of this anticipated software update involved revamping Control4’s overall user experience with sleeker, more integrated controls and an updated look. Music got a significant upgrade, as the new operating system allowed Deezer HiFi and Amazon Music selection to enhance your downloadable music selection, as well as SiriusXM, Tidal and iHeartRadio for superior streaming.

Imagine Control4 at Your Bellaire Home

Want to explore the possibilities of a Control4 smart home installation at your property in Bellaire or the greater Houston area?

Our team at Unlimited Integration is here to help guide you through the available options and work with you to build the smart home system of your dreams.

Want to reach out to us? Chat live with us below or contact us here. We look forward to talking to you!


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