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Connect Your Whole Smart Home with Control4!

Bring All Your Technology Together the Intelligent Way – With a Control4 Smart Home

Connect Your Whole Smart Home with Control4!

As a homeowner, you might have all these independent technologies, from your Lutron lighting and shades to your Nest security cameras to your Sonos speakers. But how do you bring it all together without compromising quality?

When all of your technology collaborates, control should be seamless. It’s as though your whole home is working together to speed up your Memorial, TX residence and improve your lifestyle. Let’s take a look at how a Control4 smart home helps you achieve the effortless experience you’ve been craving.

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Seamless, Streamlined Technologies

Do you already love the home technology you’ve installed and wonder if it integrates with Control4? We’re glad to let you know that Control4 collaborates with more than 300 brands and 12,000 devices, including Sony, Bose, Samsung, LG and many more. You don’t have to give up the tools you already enjoy and know how to use, so Control4 will feel like a welcome, natural upgrade for your smart home.

Many people operate their smart homes from their cell phones, so an accessible mobile experience is one of the most important features when seeking home automation. Fortunately, Control4 works with Apple and Android users alike to create a customer experience that works for more people.

Control4’s Convenience

Imagine your home being ready for you long before you walk in. The lights are set how you programmed them; a soft melody starts playing as you enter and the shades lower. Control4 can set “scenes” that fit every mood or occasion.

Create scenes for returning home, leaving for work (or vacation), Valentine’s Day dinner or a festive party, and Control4 can make sure your lighting, HVAC, shades, security music and visual equipment do whatever it takes to make your home meet your need.

Control4 recently partnered with Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, to provide a voice-controlled device that can help you anywhere in the home. Just give Alexa a command, and your Control4 technology will respond accordingly. Through its Alexa integration, you can even use Control4 as an assistive technology that helps your elderly and disabled friends and family.

Elevate Your Entertainment

Control4 has recently upgraded to a more sophisticated platform, called OS 2.10.4. This update includes an “Add Music” driver that now allows you to add supported native streaming from services like iHeartRadio or Spotify to your Control4 system from your touchscreen remote or app.

Control4 multi-room audio solutions allow for brilliantly engineered audio to play to nearly 100 zones within your home. Whether you’re adding speakers to hear music play throughout your house, or you need special speaker placement for your home theater, we’ll help you engineer a solution that exceeds expectations.

Our team at Unlimited Integration can’t wait to guide you through the available options and work with you to build the smart home system of your dreams. We highly recommend Control4 for its integrations, convenience and entertainment capabilities.

Ready to experience Control4 in your Texas home? Chat live with us below or contact us here. We look forward to talking to you!

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