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How Automated Conference Room Scheduling Sets You Up for Success

Speed up operations in your Sugar Land, TX office with complete automation solutions!

How Automated Conference Room Scheduling Sets You Up for Success

No one enjoys the frustration of scheduling and setting up meetings and conference rooms. Administrative hassles like managing technology take valuable time away from that critical presentation. With conference room automation, you can trust that meetings will operate much more smoothly, with fewer technological hiccups.

Fortunately, our team at Unlimited Integration delivers superior commercial integration and would love to position your Sugar Land, TX company for success. We can automate control of audio/video systems, lighting, shades and more into a simple, intuitive platform, allowing users to take command of today's telecommunications technologies.

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You’ll Feel More Organized 

Is there a favorite conference room that your employees tend to fight over? Streamline operations and cooperation with room scheduling software. Synch up employee Outlook calendars and your control system’s interface so everyone is following the same meeting schedule.

Cloud-based solutions ensure that rooms respond in real-time, so everyone knows immediately if scheduling changes take effect. In fact, if a scheduled room isn’t used within a certain time, your conference room automation system automatically turns off all A/V in the room and marks it as free within your scheduling platform.

You can even color-code conference rooms according to their availability. With green and red lights activating to let users know if a room is in use. Rooms also automatically lock when a meeting is in session to avoid any awkward interruptions.

You’ll Save Time

 By having a clear schedule in place, you can prepare the room from top to button before the meeting even begins. Have the room automatically prepare five minutes before the scheduled time: the temperature is adjusted for everyone’s comfort; the lights are dimmed for your presentation; audio-video equipment can engage; and the automated shades are lowered.

If you prefer to cater the room to your unique needs and preferences, we can configure executive privileges that let you arrange the technology remotely from your phone before you start. Save your own favorite settings and pull them up at the press of a button through the conference room’s dedicated touchpad.

You’ll Present with Confidence

Even seasoned professionals can get jittery before big presentations, especially if a significant goal hangs in the balance. When you know your whole conference room is working to help you, you can focus on delivering your message, not on getting the technology to work. Walk right in to a fully-prepped conference room and focus on your goal at hand.

When Unlimited Integration sets up your scheduling and automation software, we can help you mitigate other hassles that might damper a presentation. We’ll install sufficient soundproofing, anti-glare technology, surround sound, microphone equipment and whatever else you might need to polish your message. We can evaluate all opportunity areas during our meeting.

Your Team Will Thank You

A seamless scheduling and automation platform will also improve employee morale. Employees don’t have to guess which rooms are booked or have to abandon important meetings last-minute because a room is not available.

Based on your custom settings, authorized employees can book meetings from their phones, touchpads, etc. If you have an assistant and prefer not to schedule and prepare rooms yourself, you might benefit from giving designated personnel extended access.

Ready to execute your business strategy more efficiently with a newly automated conference room? Call Unlimited Integration at (832) 857-0080, contact us here or click on the chat box below. We’ll schedule a zero-obligation consultation.

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