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Control Your Audio/Video Distribution with Savant!

View up to Nine Sources on One Display and More

Control Your Audio/Video Distribution with Savant!

Home automation makes your life easier with a simple touch of a button. Whether you’d like to control your Bellaire home’s HVAC system, lighting control, or your audio/video distribution system, Savant has become a well-recognized brand when it comes to simplifying everyday luxuries in your life.

In addition to streamlining your life, Savant also offers innovative audio/video solutions for you to incorporate into your home. One such innovation is its IP video tiling system, which lets you view and control up to nine audio/video sources distributed throughout your home via one app and on one display.

Keep reading to learn how Savant has changed the game to let you enjoy more diverse entertainment options with family and friends. 

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Watch Every Game

Savant’s IP video tiling creates a digital canvas on your video displays. No matter which team you and your guests might root for, you’ll be able to view multiple games at the same time. Expect the excitement to ramp up even more when a rival team’s game is playing simultaneously, especially if your viewers form a diverse fanbase!

If you like multi-tasking, you can also read the news headlines from your favorite TV station while keeping your eye on the sports action. A variety of audio/video source types can connect connected to your Savant system, and the only limitation is the size of your home network.

3x3 Display

Whether it’s a cable box or Apple TV, you’ll be able to watch any source that goes into the video system and place it in a tile on the display. You have the option to watch up to a 3x3 layout where all nine sources are visible on the TV display at once. This advanced tiling system from Savant features 4K UHD video distribution and transmits both audio and video data over standard networks.

Large- and small-scale audio/video distribution systems can benefit from Savant’s network IP video tiling solution. Your video displays can turn into 3x3 mega displays, allowing you to watch up to nine different sources on one single screen in your Bellaire, TX home.

Easy to Control

You can control every source’s sound and video display in the tiling setup with your smart device using the Savant Pro app. Simply click on the volume icon to determine which source’s audio to begin listening to and go full screen with a pinch and zoom motion on the touchscreen. The Savant Pro app can also operate Savant Scenes throughout your home.

Savant Scenes

Once you’ve set up the video tiling system up how you like it, designate it as a Preset layout to recall it whenever you’d like. You can also use these presets with Savant scenes – control your lighting system, whole-home audio and more with one-tap control.

Other Savant Solutions

In addition to managing your audio/video distribution, Savant can also help you manage your home’s HVAC system, your motorized window shades, and your home surveillance system, just to name a few. Unlimited Integration can enhance your smart home technology with a custom installation, programmed exactly to your specifications.

Ready to see how Savant AV management will work firsthand? If you’d like to watch your favorite news or sports channels simultaneously or simply enjoy more media-watching options with smoother controls, call us today at (832) 857-0080 or chat with us using the button at the bottom of your browser to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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