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Ready Your Conference Room for the Future: 2020 and Beyond

Automation Sets Your Business Apart from the Rest

Ready Your Conference Room for the Future: 2020 and Beyond

As you begin drafting your strategic goals for the upcoming year, don’t leave out your staff and their working spaces in your planning. Modern workplaces thrive on collaboration, and the modern cubicle-farm layout doesn’t leave much room for collaborative endeavors or teleconferencing. Conference rooms have become busy hubs of activity and are often in strong demand by your staff, so why not make them easier to utilize in 2020?

Keep reading to learn how upgrading key components of your River Oaks-area conference room with automation can streamline your company and improve your staff’s daily work life.

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Universal Control

Whether from a desktop, smart device or a touch panel inside the boardroom, everything can be controlled with the tap of a button. Staff members can connect their wireless devices to the display monitors in the room with a tap, conference calls can connect with ease, and the room’s lighting can dim to allow the staff presentation to be seen in its best light.

Simple Connections

Connecting devices to the presentation display is often confusing and frustrating to your staff if the correct equipment is not available. If colleagues visiting from other offices try to connect but don’t have the appropriate dongle or cable, that’s embarrassing! Bring your boardroom into 2020 with the latest audio/video connections available plus wireless connectivity to make connecting a breeze when it’s time to present or collaborate.

Lighting and Shading

Save on financial expenditures with energy-efficient lighting control tied to occupancy sensors. When the conference room is not being utilized by staff, the occupancy sensors can turn the room lighting off to save on costs. Motorized shading solutions are also available for conference room automation upgrades. Shading can be adjusted with a button tap on the room’s touch panel, lowering to allow natural light in to invigorate staff in late afternoons, or lowering to avoid glare during an important business proposal presentation.

Room Scheduling

There’s no doubt your staff will be clamoring to use the upgraded conference rooms in your River Oaks-area business, so make sure your team can book the rooms easily. Streamline the room reservation process by incorporating scheduling software that integrates with your existing email server. Meetings can be scheduled in just a few taps from everyone’s desktop or smartphone, and staff can work more effectively knowing their collaboration spaces are ready to use when they need to work.

If conference room automation seems like something you’d like to incorporate into your 2020 strategic plan, reach out to our team today! You can request a demonstration or consultation by contacting us using this online form or chatting with us live using the button at the bottom of your browser. We look forward to talking with you.

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