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How Automated Conference Rooms Can Help Your Office’s Productivity

Solve Common Workplace Problems with Automated Technology

How Automated Conference Rooms Can Help Your Office’s Productivity

When there’s a lengthy presentation or meeting ahead of your team, the last thing everyone wants is a delayed start by fumbling with technology. If you find your business meetings taking longer than necessary or weekly issues with the internet, there may be specific issues at play that you’re not equipped to solve on your own.

That’s where conference room automation can help. With a custom-installed office plan, your conference room’s technology can work in unison to make your Bellaire, TX workplace more efficient than ever. Keep reading to see if you spot an issue your office experiences and discover the solution to get your team back on track.

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Problem: So Many Wires, So Little Connection

You’ve spent days preparing for an important meeting. You’ve got your PowerPoint and talking points ready. You even arrived early. But as you begin setting up, panic settles in. The cables in the conference room don’t connect to your laptop. Where did that cable go? There isn’t time for IT to bring the right dongle for your device. Now you’ll have to bashfully present on your tiny laptop, rather than the projector or flat screen. Not impressive.

Solution: Use an Integrated Boardroom System 

With an integrated system, you’ll never encounter this issue again. You won’t need cables, dongles or frenzied calls to IT. Devices will all connect to one system wirelessly, and at the touch of a button will project the display you want. Plus, you can easily switch between different devices, making meetings swifter and more efficient.

Problem: Wi-Fi Acting Up When You Need It Most

Most businesses today are helpless without a strong Internet connection. If several employees are bringing laptops into the conference room or you’re conduction a video call in high-definition, the signal may become overloaded. If your router is by everyone’s desks and not the conference room, your signal may not be strong enough. That’s not ideal for conference videos with clients or remote workers and can interrupt meetings.  

Solutions: An Installed Wireless Access Point  

With a wireless access point, you can extend your company’s Wi-Fi signal to cover the entire conference room. Plus, with a cellular booster system installed, you won’t have to worry about weak signals if team members use cell phones. You’ll be completely covered when it comes to all communication.

Problem: Lighting is Uncomfortable and Distracting  

Bright fluorescent lighting can be harsh and uncomfortable to work under. But lighting that is too soft or warm may inspire sleepiness. When it’s time to look at the screen in the conference room, glares from windows can make it difficult to see, and asking someone to lower the shades can waste precious minutes during the meeting.

Solution: Tunable Lighting and Automated Shades

With automated and tunable lighting, the bulbs in your office conference room will turn on only when people are inside, and automatically turn off when the room empties. Tunable lighting will gradually transition light’s coloring as the day goes on for a natural effect. Motorized window shades will instantly prepare the conference room for presentations with a touch on your tablet or by voice command.

Conference room automation can solve all this and much more. From voice activation to scheduling automation to dry erase projector screens, Unlimited Integration can build a meeting room suited to your business’ specific needs.

Reach out to our team today for a consultation or demonstration by chatting live with us below or contacting us here. We look forward to speaking with you soon! 

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