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New to Home Automation? Build a Smart Room With Control4!

See What Control4 Can Do For a Single Room Before You Expand

New to Home Automation? Build a Smart Room With Control4!

Hesitant to try smart home automation? You’re not alone. As certified Control4 dealers, we’ve seen firsthand the system’s many benefits in Bellaire, Texas, homes just like yours, and we don’t want you to miss out. Fortunately, you don’t have to commit to a complete Control4 smart home installation until you’re ready.

If you’re the type of person who prefers to look before leaping, we have a solution: Why not experience Control4 in one room before installing it in your whole home? That way you get to enjoy its advantages firsthand without making a more significant investment.

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Where to Begin?

If you are selecting one room instead of preparing for a whole-home automation, where should you begin? We recommend trying a living room or home theater first, so you can see all the moving parts that Control4 brings together. Control4’s robust automation streamlines various functions such as lighting, A/V equipment, shades and much more.

Let’s Talk About Your Experience!

How Can Control4 transform your theater or media room? You can walk in, press a single button or speak one command and watch the whole room transform.

Imagine seeing your room prepare itself for a cozy movie night without any effort from you. Your lights will dim, your shades will lower, and your TV will start playing a movie as you settle in.

One reason that Control4 is great for entertainment spaces is their SR-260 universal remote that lets you manage all of your technology in the tactile way you’re used to. You can even save favorite settings and channels for easy access. If you prefer to stay remote-free even in a theater or media room environment, you can use a smartphone, touchpad or even your voice to manage the room.

Already have a few smart devices in the room that you love? Control4 integrates easily with the top brands so you can adjust climate through your Nest thermostat or play audio through your Sonos speakers.

Are You Ready to Expand?

While one-room control will change your living room or home theater experience, what if you settle in to watch a movie and realize you left a light on in the bathroom? Or want to see who just rang your doorbell? That’s where expansion comes in handy.

One of the best things about Control4 smart homes is that they’re scalable. If you want to add another room or more features, we can do so, and you still manage everything from the same app or touchpad you’re used to. With many wireless products, there’s also many ways to do this in less invasive ways for retrofit environments.

Picture a Smarter Home!

Our team at Unlimited Integration is here to help guide you through the available options and work with you to build the smart home system of your dreams. Our experience with Control4 lets us create a powerful single-room or whole-home integration, depending on what you’re ready for. We won’t rush you: We even offer a hassle-free consultation so that you can explore these opportunities with zero pressure.

Want to reach out to us? Chat live with us below or contact us here. We look forward to talking to you!

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