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How Can a Strong Network Benefit Your Outdoor Spaces?

Enjoy Outdoor Life This Spring With An Expansive, Robust Network

How Can a Strong Network Benefit Your Outdoor Spaces?

Is it finally time to take your entertainment outside? With spring approaching quickly and the Bellaire, TX weather preparing us for fun in the sun, you don’t have to relegate yourself to your indoor spaces. Professional home networking services from Unlimited Integration boost your outdoor WiFi so you can enjoy music, movies, smart home control and internet service without interruptions or delays.

With today’s home networking capabilities, you can extend your wireless coverage to your garden, garage, terrace, pool area, guest house, gaming center, lounge, shed or even your barn. Keep reading to explore the fun of outdoor networking, why we think you’ll want to make the investment and how we can help.

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Why Outdoor Wi-Fi?

If you want to wander outside and watch Netflix from your tablet, listen to Spotify on your landscape speakers, or do some work from your laptop, you’ll soon discover the benefits of outdoor Wi-Fi.

Unfortunately, in most smart home installations, the signal isn’t reliable enough to enjoy internet outside for long. Without a network tailored to your outdoor living areas, you’ve probably experienced frustrating lag when you try to stream a show by the pool. Just as you settle into your favorite patio chair and try to stream, your connection is gone.  

Signing up for higher speeds with your internet provider isn’t enough to fix the problem. Often the issue is that your Wi-Fi signal simply can’t make it past the sturdy walls and glass surrounding your home.

How We Can Help

We can install wireless access points outdoors to reach the spaces where you need additional coverage. We use Control4’s Pakedge as our trusted source of wireless networking, and they recently expanded to meet outdoor needs.

Their recent offerings allow speeds 5x faster than previous models, and proprietary technology ensures that you get the most reach out of each access point. Their WX series handily manages the needs of extremely complex homes but makes it look easy with centralized user access and sleek aesthetics.

We also work with Ruckus networking gear, particularly their ZoneFlex offerings. These excel at providing network coverage in challenging conditions, allowing us to establish a strong connection with fewer access points. Ruckus allows speedy connections up to 1733 Mbps (5 GHz) and 800 Mbps (2.4 GHz). When we tour your home, we’ll explore each space’s needs to determine the best network equipment for you as well as ideal access point placement and ongoing support.

We usually avoid the ever-popular signal repeaters since they don’t provide a sustainable solution to your lack of network range. Why? These repeaters create mini-networks wherever they crop up, which leads to interference and ultimately delays within the original network you aimed to extend.

Stream Outside Again!

Want to transform your outdoor spaces with our home networking services? To set up a consultation or learn more about our networking services, call us at 832.857.0080, contact us here or chat with us on the bottom right.

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