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Outdoor Audio Installation: A Few Factors to Consider

How Outdoor Audio Differs From Indoor Setups, And How You Can Make It Stand Out

Outdoor Audio Installation: A Few Factors to Consider

If you’re reading this blog, we assume that you might have already consulted with Unlimited Integration regarding your indoor home audio needs, but the warmer weather might prompt you to shift some of your entertaining and relaxation outside. Don’t trap your favorite music indoors!

There’s nothing like a warm, sunny day by the pool with a playlist that fits the mood of your audience and party. Before you get started, find out how the process might look different for an outdoor audio installation, and a few vital points to consider first. Keep reading for some expert tips for jazzing up your Memorial, TX, outdoor spaces!


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What’s the Big Difference?

Outdoor speaker setups differ from indoor since we have to account for weather and environmental differences. This means that we use insulated, larger-gauge wiring for all wired outdoor installations. What about the audio source? Many clients opt for an indoor receiver that runs sound to outdoor zones. You could also have a dedicated system for your outdoor speakers as well. Regardless of which method will work best, we make sure that the wiring for outdoor speakers is properly configured, which requires the outdoor-graded cabling that we mentioned. We usually run the wires through the walls or underground, so it will be invisible.

All-Weather Gear

Perhaps it’s obvious that you will need to invest in speakers that are rated for rain, shine, heat, or snow, especially since we all know that Texas weather can change at a moment’s notice. We recommend many of the Sonance outdoor offerings for this purpose. Some of their landscape speakers look just like rocks so that you can blend them into your gardens and patio plants. The Mariner speakers (pictured above) come in eight new models to fit your space, needs and design preferences. Or, you could emit superb sound from your garden with a James speaker that could pass as a planter!

Bringing You Seamless Audio

We also configure your whole audio setup so that sound surrounds you. We know you’ve been to an event where all the sound was coming from one, booming speaker. Or perhaps you were straining to hear the music. We’re experts in audio dispersion in outdoor environments, where placing speakers strategically plays an especially important role.

With expansive, variable listening areas, we will need to add wide-dispersion speakers to give you a broad, even sound coverage. Home theater speakers, by contrast, are designed for one small, concentrated listening space, where people are sitting still. Outdoors, however, you have people shuffling around, wind, plants and multiple other factors that you need to account for. Otherwise, you’ll experience audio gaps or potentially unbalanced sound coming from just one side of the yard. Unlimited Integration will examine your space, identify the right locations, and carefully install and calibrate your system, so you can have lush audio that blankets your whole yard.

Ready to experience how an outdoor audio installation elevates your outdoor spaces? Reach out to our team today: You can get in touch with us by either contacting us at 832.857.0080 or by chatting live with us below. We look forward to speaking to you!

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