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Don’t Forget This Important Home Theater Design Consideration

A Deceptively Obvious Aspect to Consider for Your River Oaks Home Theater

Don’t Forget This Important Home Theater Design Consideration

Some clients may think the only considerations for a fantastically designed home theater include audio and video. Let us tell you why there’s one more essential of home theaters and media rooms that you should consider. (You might even take a hint by glancing at that cozy setup pictured above!)

When it comes time for a family movie marathon, and it turns out the seating is terribly uncomfortable or itchy, you’d wish you had given seating more consideration during the design phase of your home theater.

However, some people may not understand just how important this essential is and may initially think they can skimp on seating for the sake of saving a few dollars in the long run. This, as you’ll find out, is a mistake: Keep reading to learn why seating is a top essential of home theater design in your River Oaks, TX entertainment space.

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Seating Placement

The placement of your seating is as important as any audio or video component you include in your home theater’s design. The size of the home theater screen will also determine the distance between your screen and the seating. The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) suggests an optimal viewing angle at 30 degrees or more, and the ideal seating distance can be calculated as the display screen’s diagonal size in inches divided by 0.6.

A professional home theater designer will also place seating intelligently within your entertainment space. By expertly placing speakers and subwoofers throughout the home theater, no movie watcher will be blasted with bassy lows while not being able to understand the higher notes of dialogue. Seating placement and audio/video component placement go hand-in-hand in your future custom home theater.

Seating Accommodations

Also, think about how many people you’d like to accommodate comfortably in your home theater. Is this a family-only room, or will extended family and friends be welcomed regularly? Leaving space on the sides of seating rows and installing more than one tier of seating ensures movie watchers can get up for snack and beverage refills easily and without greatly disturbing other movie watchers. If you leave enough room, you can also include a popcorn machine or wine bar inside your space.

Style & Fabrics

Once you’ve determined the correct seating placement, consider the style of seating. Just as it’s uncomfortable to sit in the frontmost row at the local cineplex because you can cramp your neck, sitting for long periods on scratchy furniture or without reclining can be uncomfortable, too.

Do you prefer recliners or rows of individual seats like your local movie house? Do you prefer multiple rows or a sofa and chaise lounge style? From leather to cloth, subtle tones to bright red, the options are nearly endless and should be considered for the most comfortable and stunning home theater in your Texas home.

Contact us today to discover the seating placement, style and fabrics perfect for your River Oaks, TX home theater. Call us today at (832) 857-0080 or fill out our online contact form to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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