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Unlimited Integration Is Your Houston-Area McIntosh Dealer

McIntosh Offers the Best in Home Theater Products

Unlimited Integration Is Your Houston-Area McIntosh Dealer

McIntosh has been a home entertainment leader for 70 years. The brand is well known for high-end audio equipment, stemming from the brand’s initial product – the high power, low distortion 50W-1 amplifier. Present-day McIntosh products still utilize the patented Unity Coupled Circuit that was included in the 50W-1. Since that first amplifier, McIntosh has continued to impress audiophiles with American-made amplifiers, preamps, AV processors, and loudspeakers designed to reproduce live musical performances in your home.

Because of the brand’s longstanding reputation and ongoing commitment to innovation, Unlimited Integration is proud to provide our Houston, TX customers this high-performance brand. As a McIntosh dealer and custom integrator, we can assist you with incorporating McIntosh into your home audio designs and installations.

Keep reading this blog to learn more about what McIntosh’s superior audio solutions can do for your home entertainment spaces.

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Audio/Video Processors

The latest MX170 and MX123 A/V processors were announced in October of 2019 and allow you to experience brilliant Ultra high definition 4K and vivid High Dynamic Range (HDR) content along with three-dimensional surround sound. You can even watch videos mastered in HDR 10, Dolby Vision and HLG; this means you’ll experience a dramatic improvement in brightness, contrast, and color with McIntosh. The MX170 also features balanced outputs for a 15.1 surround sound speaker configuration – you will be enveloped by pristine audio within your Houston-area home theater.

Whole-Home Music

McIntosh offers a variety of high-fidelity audio components you are sure to enjoy in your listening rooms or media spaces, too. Despite it being a highly digital world, turntables have become popular again, so don’t let your record collection go unplayed! A turntable from McIntosh not only looks great with its modern styling elements – it delivers dynamic LP playback with minimal friction.

The MTI100 is an all-in-one powerhouse, featuring a power amplifier, preamps, digital audio coax and optical inputs, plus a Bluetooth receiver. If you’d prefer to keep your listening space minimal or simply don’t have space for a larger audio system, the MTI100 is perfect for your Houston, TX listening spaces.

Not to mention, McIntosh also designs the most noticeable, and, to many, the most exciting audio element – speakers. Whether you need a floor-standing model that you can display proudly or an in-wall or in-ceiling variety that you can blend into the environment, Unlimited Integration will help you select speakers with both your audio needs and design tastes in mind.

If you’d like to hear high-fidelity audio with your own ears – and to understand why we’re so proud of being McIntosh dealers – call us today at (832) 857-0080 or use our online contact form to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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