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Experience Life with a Whole-Home Sound System

Your Houston, TX Home Will Sing with Audio in Every Room

Experience Life with a Whole-Home Sound System

Whether you’re building your home from scratch or bringing in smart technologies to increase your entertainment enjoyment, don’t forget to plan for great sound! Home automation features like lighting control and smart security pair well with multi-zone music. A whole-home sound system brings music to every room of your Houston, TX home, and you can control it all with a simple tap of your finger.

When renovating or building a home, in-wall and ceiling speakers are easy to incorporate. For existing homes, there are several wireless speakers available on the market if you’d prefer not to open your walls. Whatever your situation, Unlimited Integration can help you achieve your music goals with a custom design and installation.

Read on to learn more about the possibilities of a whole-home sound system.

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Wired or Wireless Systems

The perk of adding wireless speakers to your whole-home sound system is the ease. Installation and setup occur in mere minutes, there’s no need to pry into drywall, plus you can take the entire system with you if you ever move from your Houston-area home.

In-wall and ceiling architectural speakers would fall into the category of wired systems because the wiring for these components is located in the walls of your home. Also, if you have a space in your home dedicated as a listening room, or if you have an immersive home theater, then wired speakers will be able to better power your audio needs.

Hybrid Systems

You can incorporate a mix of both wired and wireless speakers in your whole-home sound system. A professional installation specialist like Unlimited Integration can meet with you to discuss your audio needs and design a system perfect for your listening preferences.

Some listening applications lend themselves to a particular type of setup. Dedicated listening rooms with two-channel systems have different setup requirements than a surround sound system in your home theater, and both of those applications are different from having a speaker in your bathroom to use as you get ready for the day. That’s why thoughtful consultation with a specialist is best before you decide on what to add to your home.

We Work with a Variety of Brands

Sonos is one brand we enjoy working with due to its wireless functionality and ease of use; plus, the products look great. From an easy-to-use smart device app, you can control your entire sound system with a tap and even control different parts of your home at once. Imagine the kids listening to their favorite songs upstairs in the media room while you and your spouse enjoy relaxing music on the outdoor patio.

For higher-end audio performance, imagine the sound combination of powerful yet artful Meridian loudspeakers with unseen in-wall speakers. Depending on your needs, Unlimited Integration can make a combination of speakers and wiring setups work for your home.

If you’re ready to make your Houston, TX home sing with a whole-home sound system installation, call us today at (832) 857-0080 or fill out our online form to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you – it would be music to our ears!

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