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A Custom Security System Is the Best Security Solution

Enjoy Peace of Mind in Your Texas Home

A Custom Security System Is the Best Security Solution

Some homeowners may believe security systems are all the same, but that’s simply not true. Yes, security systems include an alarm and surveillance cameras, but why not add motion sensors and remote monitoring for improved safety on your property in West University Place, TX?  

Going beyond the hardware, the way the security system is designed also affects how the homeowner uses the system. Every home and homeowner has different needs, and a difficult-to-use system will probably be left unarmed more often than not. Valuable features could go unused if the system is cumbersome. A custom security system solution designed by Unlimited Integration will provide the best security solutions to meet your specific needs.

Read on to learn about the features included in a custom home security system.

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Remote Monitoring

Imagine being able to peek into your home while you’re away on vacation or just at work. You can view a live feed from your video doorbell when the doorbell rings and can even speak to the person on your doorstep using your smartphone.

View video feeds of your property when motion is detected on your property and monitor rear entry points of your West University Place-area home. A custom security system allows all of this and more.

Home Security

In addition to surveillance cameras in critical locations of your property and an alarm system that can be armed or disarmed, you can add invaluable technology to your home that can prevent extensive property damage.

Water leak detectors can be placed in your home, perhaps by the water heater or in the washroom, and when moisture is detected above a specified amount, you will be notified immediately via push notification on your smart device of the issue.

At that point, you can investigate the issue on your own or shut off your water main remotely to prevent expensive water damages from piling up. A custom solution ensures your home is safe everywhere, not just at the entry points.

Surveillance Cameras

Instead of buying a one-size-fits-all security solution from a big box store, a custom-designed security system from Unlimited Integration is perfectly crafted to meet the needs of the homeowner.

Your property may include a detached garage or tool shed. In addition to adding increased lighting to deter potential thieves, you can include additional surveillance cameras that tie into the rest of your security system in these spaces.

The entire system is monitorable via smart device while you’re at home or while you’re away, and you can monitor live feeds and recorded footage simply with the tap of a button.

If you’re ready to improve the security of your Texas property, call Unlimited Integration today at (832) 857-0080 or use our online contact form to get started. We look forward to helping you improve your peace of mind.

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