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Impress Your Clients With Innovative, Customizable, and Attractive Lighting Design


When thinking about home design, lighting is a crucial component. Not only does it illuminate spaces — it can also accommodate and improve the lifestyle of your client and their family. Innovative lighting technology, along with smart technology, can enrich your client’s day-to-day and routines and transform how they experience indoor and outdoor living.

The next lighting design company you partner with for your Houston, TX, residential projects should offer the solutions we cover in this blog.

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So many of us are used to fluorescent lighting during the day — whether it’s in an office, school, or even our own homes. This lighting no longer must be used when designing lighting your client’s homes. Tunable, human-centric lighting simulates natural lighting in homes so that light can regulate circadian rhythms and improve overall wellbeing – with minimal input from the homeowner.

You can install tunable lighting in your projects that automatically adjusts color temperature to mimic sunlight throughout the day for your clients. If they want cooler light in the morning to help wake them up and become active, that can happen with tunable lighting. If they want warmer tones in the evening to help them wind down and get comfortable, that’s possible too.


Today, there is technology that allows homeowners to customize lighting scenes for the different moments and activities of their life. They can set specific lights in their kitchen while they’re drinking coffee and watching the news, and then have a different preset theme for their office while they’re focusing on work. Lighting for their dining area can have different scenes as well — perhaps lights that mimic sunset for a warm glow.

All of these scenes and more can be set through smart technology. Your clients won’t have to waste time adjusting every light individually with multiple remotes or switches; smart technology allows for centralized control from a single device. Voice commands are another convenient option.


Lighting design outside a home is just as important as the design inside. Landscape lighting can impact all areas of an outdoor space — from the lights in and around a pool, to a garden and outdoor kitchen. Just as lighting scenes can be customized inside a home, they can also be preset to light up a backyard, deck, patio, etc. If your clients want a setting for relaxing outside after work, they can press a button and string lights can automatically turn on to softly illuminate their space.

Landscape lighting can also improve the safety and curb appeal of a home. With lit up pathways, homeowners and their guests can safely walk around a property in the dark and find their way to and from the street. Also, if a home is well lit, it can deter potential burglars from making it a target.

Effective landscape lighting not only make homes look safe — it also makes them more attractive. Safety and aesthetic are two elements that can boost curb appeal and a home’s value.

If you’re an architect or builder searching for the next lighting design company to partner with in the Houston area, look no further. At Unlimited Integration, we’re ready to take homes to the next level with the latest in automation and lighting technology. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your future projects.

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