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Top Reasons You Need a Smart Home Lighting System

Add More Light and Luxury to Your Home in West University Place, TX

Top Reasons You Need a Smart Home Lighting System

Change the ambiance in your home with a sophisticated and smart lighting system. Innovative light systems by Lutron allow you to control brightness, assign programmed scenes, and adjust light colors. That’s not something you get from traditional lights! If you want to see your home in a different light, then it’s time for an upgrade.

In addition, if you currently have a smart home, your new lights can be fully integrated into your existing system. Read our blog to discover how an automated and adjustable smart home lighting system can transform your home in West University Place, TX, and enhance your lifestyle.


Set the Scene to Let Your Lights Shine

Years ago, property owners could have never imagined that something as standard as home lighting could be programmed. Now, homeowners can set a lighting “scene” and let the lights think for them. Let’s say it is dinner time, and you want to dim the lights. Either press a button or program the scene for the time of day. Then your lights will dim, change color or color temperature, and set the mood for you.

Ready for a movie? Program a “movie night” scene. Cozy and warm light helps you relax and unwind while watching your favorite films or TV shows. Need some help waking up in the morning? Let your lights energize you. Your lighting system can be programmed to slowly turn brighter as you prepare for the day.


Add Appeal to Your Living Spaces

There’s something lavish about Lutron lighting products. They are designed for both form and function. Sleek and easy to use, they come in many varieties. Lutron not only offers every type of light you can imagine, but they are always updating their smart lighting products as technology advances.

Make no mistake about it. Lutron lights add remarkable convenience to your life and unmistakable ambiance to your home. The smart home experts at Unlimited Integration will design your lighting system and install the lights to accent the unique features of your house – inside and out. Whether you plan to sell your property or stay in it for many years, you can trust that Lutron lights add value and unique appeal to your home.

Save Money with LED Lights and Automatic Controls

Lights boost the ambiance of your home and provide a level of convenience you never thought possible. But did you know that they also save energy? Lutron’s energy-efficient lights can lower your energy consumption by more than 20%. That’s because Lutron utilizes energy-efficient LED bulbs and a system that is eco-friendly.

Also, they can automatically adjust when no one is home or in a particular room. Instead of telling your children to “turn off their lights” when they leave a room, let Lutron do it for you. It saves you the hassle and the haggling. Make your home a little bit smarter with smart lighting!

Get started by scheduling a consultation with Unlimited Integration today. You can always call us at (832) 857-0080 or contact us online to get started. We look forward to working with you.

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