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Why You Need a Custom Security System for Your River Oaks Home

You Can Rest Easy With Smart Home Security

Why You Need a Custom Security System for Your River Oaks Home

Home security is essential for having peace of mind and making sure you, your family, and your property have protection from potential harm. Security for homes nowadays can be more than just manually checking that all your doors are locked — modern home security is easier, more accessible, and more reliable than ever.

Here’s what you can get in a custom security system for your River Oaks, TX, home.

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Let’s start with your front door. Traditionally, when someone knocks on your door, you look through the door hole and determine whether you want to open it, but that creates an awkward moment because the person can probably hear you approaching and know if you choose not to answer. With a custom home security system, you can view a live feed from your video doorbell when the doorbell rings — from your smartphone. If you want to speak to the person at your doorstep, you can use your smartphone as well.

The live feeds don’t have to stop at your front door, either. You can view other video feeds of your property whenever motion is detected — such as the east and west wing of your home, and even your garage.

You can install high-quality surveillance cameras around your home, along with an alarm system that can be armed or disarmed. Your system can remind you through texts or push notifications if something isn’t right with your alarm system, such as forgetting to set the alarm before leaving your house.

In the evenings, if you just got into bed and forgot whether you locked your doors, you can check on all of them through the security system connected to your smartphone or smart device of your choice.


Viewing live feeds of your home when you need to, and being able to monitor motion is not just a convenience that’s limited to when you’re at your house. You can be anywhere in the world when checking on your abode — at your office, a friend’s place, or even away on vacation.

With a custom home security system, you can rest easy knowing you can monitor activities in real-time no matter your location.


Having surveillance cameras, live feeds you can view from anywhere, and an alarm system that can send you notifications on your phone are just a few of the offerings you can incorporate into your custom security system. Although a custom home security system may sound complex and thus difficult to handle, that isn’t the case. Smart home automation can make your security system sophisticated yet easily accessible from a single device — like your smartphone, tablet, or keypad — and connect to other technology in your home.

You can build your home security to be on the same system as your whole-house audio, HDTVs, media servers, lighting, shades, climate, and more.


Hiring the right team to help you design and install your custom security system is crucial, and it’s also essential when it comes to check-ups. Unlimited Integration is here to create a home security system that’s customized to your needs and wants, and after we install it,we’ll be available to perform remote diagnostic check-ups to give you important security updates.

You can feel confident that our team of experts will provide ongoing support even after we complete your project, and that we’ll show you how to get the best performance from your technology in your River Oaks home.

Let us help you get started on creating your custom security system. Unlimited Integration is HTA certified, meaning you can trust us to have technical expertise, provide solid customer service, and deliver strong business performance.

Schedule a consultation with us or talk to us through the chat box at the bottom of your screen. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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