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4 Benefits of Home Automation and Connected Technology

Upgrade Your Texas Home’s Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces With a Smart Home System

4 Benefits of Home Automation and Connected Technology
Modern homes that take convenience and luxury to the next level are ones that have a home automation system — where audio, video, climate, and even shades can be controlled from a single device. Smart home automation systems take the pain out of switching between a variety of apps or remotes to control the products and technology in your home. For homeowners in the Woodlands area who want to elevate your indoor and outdoor living experience — here are four benefits of home automation for your Texas home.

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Today’s advanced technology makes consuming media more accessible than ever. If we want music, we have a plethora of apps to choose from: Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal are a few. Similarly, our show, movie, and documentary options span many streaming platforms. Smart media control allows you to enjoy all your favorite media from anywhere in your home — indoors or outdoors.

If you want to have your dedicated morning playlist wake you up in the morning along with your coffee, you can program it to play through high-performance speakers in your kitchen and living room. When you want to wind down with a glass of wine and your favorite TV show after dinner, you can choose to watch it on your indoor or outdoor TV and expect top-quality audio and video. All of these activities can be controlled from a single device, thanks to streamlined media control through smart home automation.


You can customize specific lighting settings for the different moments of your life. In the morning, you can have lighting that mimics a sunrise and helps you transition from sleeping to waking up. When the evening comes, you can choose warm lighting for a movie night with your family, or soft outdoor patio lights for when you want to enjoy some cocktails with friends.

You can even install innovative technology that automatically simulates natural lighting in your Texas home. This concept is known as circadian lighting, and it helps regulate our circadian rhythm — our 24-hour internal clock. Lights can automatically be programmed to mimic sunlight during the day, and then switch to warmer colors when you’re relaxing during the evening.


Have you ever been frustrated at needing to manually adjust your blinds for multiple areas of your home throughout the day? If so, there’s a way to automate blinds, shades, and drapes and set specific configurations for different rooms and occasions. You can program your blinds and shades to raise and lower at specific times of the dayand keep the Texas sunlight from increasing the temperature in your home. Doing so can also prevent the sun from damaging your interior through long-term exposure to UV rays, and it’ll also reduce glare that comes in.

You can say goodbye to the days of pulling cords for each of your blinds. With smart home automation, enjoy the comfort of adjusting your motorized window treatments from any spot in your home, anytime.


Climate is tied to how comfortable your home environment is. If an area is too warm or too cold in your home, it can affect your mood and health. Controlling the temperatures in all spaces of your home can be done through a smart home system, so you can always have the ideal climate.

If you want a specific temperature for your bedroom in the morning versus the evening, you can easily set that up. For gatherings with friends, you can program a setting to direct air to a dense area, so no one gets overheated.

You can integrate your thermostats and HVAC systems into the same system that adjusts your media, lighting, and motorized window treatments — giving you smooth, comprehensive control from your smartphone or tablet.


Technology has become ingrained in our daily lives and can play a massive part in simplifying and enhancing our lifestyles. It’s crucial to hire a team that can design, build, and install a home automation system that’s optimized for your smart devices and specific activities.

Our experts at Unlimited Integration can work with you to find the ideal solutions for your Woodlands house and make sure everything functions smoothly on your home network. We can help you determine the best technology to choose for you and your family, and where to place it for the best performance.

Unlimited Integration is here to help you figure out the best way to connect your TVs, media servers, lights, shades, climate, and more in your Texas home. Reach out to us through our online contact form or talk to us through the chat box at the bottom of this screen. We’d love to start working with you!

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