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Lighting Can Transform Your Home – Inside & Out

Unlimited Integration Is Your Local Lighting Design Company

Lighting Can Transform Your Home – Inside & Out

The lighting within your home in The Woodlands can make or break a feeling or mood. No one wants to walk into a home theater with glaring lights reflecting off the screen, and poorly lit outdoor spaces can invite potential thieves to your property in the nighttime.

As a lighting design company, Unlimited Integration ensures every corner of your Texas property is shown in its best light, both indoors and outside. Keep reading to learn how we can illuminate new lighting possibilities for you.

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Outdoor Lighting

Burglars cite that unlit homes are an enticing reason to target specific properties, so don’t let your home encourage thieves once the sun goes down. For additional safety, path lights, step lights, and tiki torches can line your walkways so family and guests can safely make it from the back patio to the fire pit to the gazebo in well-lit style.

Multi-colored lighting can up the ante at your next family pool party, and bullet lights can be placed throughout your property to spotlight your beautiful landscaping design. With our eye for luxury style, your backyard spaces will absolutely transform with expert outdoor lighting design.

Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting can make your life easier, more luxurious, or more comfortable. Harsh lighting in the evenings can interrupt your circadian rhythms, making it more difficult to fall and stay asleep in the evenings, and the lack of appropriate task lighting can make any project you try to complete in your home more difficult.

If you have a favorite piece of artwork, don’t hang it in a dark hallway. As a lighting design company, we can find the perfect color and temperature of lighting that will make the colors and textures of your artwork pop and come to life! If you utilize the incorrect hue of lighting in your home, then the interior design materials you carefully selected for your Texas home will not be showcased in their best light.

We’re Here For You

We take lighting design seriously, and we strive to help our customers showcase their homes in the best lighting possible. Whether you need new fixtures or a comprehensive lighting control system, we’re here for you. Connect with us using our online form or chat below to get started with your no-hassle consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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