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Discover How Lutron Shades Provide Savings, Productivity, and Protection


Lutron is a global leader in smart lighting and motorized shading solutions. They produce a wide range of innovative motorized shades that provide precision control of daylight, plus other numerous benefits. You can count on Lutron shades to go beyond just blocking the amount of light that enters your Woodlands home.

Keep reading to find out why Lutron motorized shades are a worthwhile investment for your Texas abode.

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If you have traditional shades, you probably open them when you want sunlight and lower them when it gets too warm. This activity, though simple, has a significant impact on your energy bill. If you leave your shades open for too long on a hot summer day, the heat entering your home will make your air conditioner work harder to keep everything cool. Thus, this increases your energy bill.

Lutron shades take care of this for you; with them, you don't have to physically manage your shades at all. You can program your shades to have a “summer cool” setting, so they know, through photosensors, when to lower and block solar heat gain during the day. When winter comes, you can activate “winter warm” so your shades open at the right time and allow natural sunlight to heat your home — which will create less work for your heater.


If you work from home, it’s essential to make sure your home office has the appropriate shades. Opening your shades and letting sunlight fill your home office all day can make the room too warm and cause computer glare. Screen glare is unpleasant and is something you want to avoid; it can cause eye strain and negatively affect your concentration.

Lutron shades diffuse light and stop glare from washing out your computer screen and the TVs around your home.


When thinking about shades, have you considered how they protect your furniture? It’s not an obvious benefit of having shades, but it’s still one that’s significant. Too much sunlight in your home can damage your furnishings — and carpeting, rugs, and fine art. This is due to the sun’s damaging UV rays causing chemical breakdowns in furniture and fabric dyes. If you want to make sure your furnishings stay untarnished, Lutron shades will provide crucial protection.

Lutron’s shades can lower your energy bills, which helps your wallet and the planet. They can also improve your productivity while you’re working and keep your furnishings looking polished. Are you ready to find out how to install Lutron motorized shades in your Woodlands home? Contact Unlimited Integration today — we’re a proud Lutron service provider!

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