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What Are the Benefits of Professional Home Networking Services?

Why You Shouldn’t Depend on a DIY or ISP Network Installation

What Are the Benefits of Professional Home Networking Services?

Installing a home network at its most basic level looks like an easy task: Reach out to an internet service provider, sign up for a high-speed package and install a router to translate that signal for your connected devices. Designing a network this way will get you a connection in your Memorial, TX home, but it will be a spotty, extremely limited and vulnerable one.

A lot of times when we hear people complain about their network, it’s because they’re relying on this type of basic installation—whether it was a DIY enterprise or completed by their ISP. Home networking services make a massive difference if you’re in a larger property or want to incorporate a lot of connected devices. Let’s take a few minutes to highlight some of the significant things typically holding people back in DIY installations.

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Not Using the Right Router

Every network begins with the router, and that's where you'll first see the limitations of a DIY/ISP installation. Likely you’re using a router with only one frequency, limited broadband capacity and standard settings.

Professional networking services incorporate enterprise-grade, dual-bandwidth routers optimized for more extensive data requirements and additional LAN ports to connect more of your devices. Operating on various frequencies helps you avoid interference between separate products and communications standards (like Bluetooth).

Manage data efficiently with settings that optimize specific traffic (like AV when streaming a Netflix show in 4K) as needed. Additionally, we’ll optimize your router passwords, enable necessary encryptions and incorporate guest networks for added security.

Relying Too Much on Wi-Fi

Typical network installations depend on your router relaying Wi-Fi signals throughout your property, with only a few nearby devices connected directly via ethernet cables. Each piece of equipment using Wi-Fi will weaken the signal, and it will get weaker the further you are from the router.

Our network designs consider the number of devices you want to incorporate as well as the overall size of your property – particularly, products with high bandwidth requirements like TVs, laptops, or gaming consoles should always rely on ethernet connections.

We’ll then know the number of switches—and their respective LAN ports—that will be needed to hardwire all required devices and better manage traffic coming from your router. For your wireless devices, we’ll also incorporate access points to strengthen and extend your Wi-Fi signal.

Through our professional networking designs, all wires stay hidden behind walls so you can place devices where you want instead of sacrificing your décor or functionality to keep them close to a router or access point.  More importantly, we use high-end copper and fiber cables to ensure added reliability and speeds.

No Reliable Troubleshooting and Maintenance

If you’ve ever had networking issues, you know how frustrating it is to reach out to your internet service provider for help. Once you finally get to speak with a human, they’ll most likely tell you to reset your router. If that doesn’t work, they’ll set up a service call between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. -- a week later.

Expedite the process with a professional installation. Have our expert technicians proactively upgrade your router software to avoid any downtime or security vulnerabilities and enjoy one-on-one troubleshooting when issues do arise. In cases of dead spots, we have tools to help us gauge your Wi-Fi coverage and easily find, isolate and fix those areas. 

These are just some of the ways home networking services optimize your connection to make sure you never have to worry about lagging or spotty signal coverage again. Each space has different needs, and we tailor all our solutions to each client.

To learn more about how we can address your specific needs, call us at 832.857.0080, fill out our contact form or chat with us on the bottom right.


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