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When Is the Best Time to Install an Outdoor Audio System?

Transform Your Entertainment This Fall With High-Performance Sound

When Is the Best Time to Install an Outdoor Audio System?

Naturally, a lot of people think the best time to integrate outdoor entertainment is during the summer break with beautiful sun-lit days and a lot of free time on hand. Sadly, that enthusiasm dies off quickly when the temperatures get close to the triple digits in River Oaks, TX. Families also usually end up taking longer summer trips or activities that keep them away from their brand-new outdoor audio installations.

In our experience, the time when you’ll most enjoy your outdoor sound system is in the fall. During the fall, you not only have the perfect weather to head outside, but there’s also a lot of additional entertainment options for you to enjoy. Unleash the full potential of your outdoor spaces by hosting the ultimate football tailgates when the Cowboys season kicks off in September or finding fun ways to relax with the family on the weekends. 

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Enjoy the Fresh Autumn Weather  

The temperate climate in the fall is the perfect time to enjoy these sound systems without getting drenched in sweat within a few minutes. Not only do you enjoy ideal temperatures between 60- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit, but also less humidity. Though the spring also offers crisp weather, there's more likelihood of scattered storms breaking up your fun.

Our audio partners offer high-performance speakers that fill your entire outdoor spaces with sound, so you can bask in them for hours. The speakers are designed to handle extreme weather fluctuations, humidity, and water, so you don't have to worry about having them out during other parts of the year. 

Host Outdoor Football Tailgates  

With such great weather in the fall, why spend it cooped up inside all weekend watching football? Entertain all your friends with outdoor tailgates while you showcase the latest Cowboys game or the RedZone channel on outdoor televisions. Easily switch out the channel and choose which audio to play on your speakers as the action progresses, so you don't waste time on blowout games.

Your expertly designed outdoor audio installation lets you play the broadcast throughout your patio, pool, and backyard. Speakers let you follow the action without having to stay huddled next to a TV, so you can better mingle with friends, enjoy some delicious BBQ, and take in the beautiful scenery

Make Time for Family Bonding  

Reclaiming time with the family once the school year picks back up in the fall can be difficult. Put a priority on weekly activities that bring the family together, with an emphasis on spending some time outdoors after whole days cooped up at work or school. Everybody could nominate an activity each week centered around your outdoor audio systems and televisions. 

Not sure where to get started? One popular approach is having dinner outdoors once a week with a relaxing playlist playing while you eat on the patio and have a drink. Families also love the idea of movies under the stars; with many summer blockbusters hitting Blu-ray and streaming services, you'll have a lot of fun content to watch!

There are great ways to enjoy your audio installations throughout the year, but fall is the best time to embrace your outdoor spaces. How can you make sure you’re ready to take advantage by summer’s end? Reach out for a consultation today by calling us at 832.857.0080, filling out our contact form, or chatting with us below. 

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