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Developing an MDU or Apartment Building? Home Automation Helps.

Learn How Builders Can Improve the Safety and Value of Your Bellaire-Area Property

Developing an MDU or Apartment Building? Home Automation Helps.

If you’re looking to build an apartment building or MDU, consider incorporating home automation technology to attract potential buyers and to increase the value of your property. Whether you’re interested in testing the waters of integrated living spaces or want to go all-out with incorporating home automation in every room, a professional installation company can assist you during every phase of the process - from planning and design to installation and system support.

In this blog we’ll discuss how you can use home automation to attract buyers to your Bellaire, TX-area property, highlighting automation possibilities in both common-area spaces and inside individual units. Keep reading to learn more.

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Energy Savings

Motorized window treatments, streaming music, comfortable HVAC, and easy light control are only a few of the great home automation features you can add to the common areas of an apartment building or MDU. Staff can easily adjust lobbies and fitness centers with a tap of a button on a smartphone or installed touch panel; settings can also adjust automatically through pre-programmed scenes or through sensors that react to the time of day. Incredible energy savings result from automating these features, and we can set up your system up so that building owners will also receive automatic usage reports and maintenance reminders.

Residents will also benefit from in-unit smart home automation. Thermostats can automatically adjust depending on the time of day or when occupancy is detected via sensors, ensuring spaces are not cooled or heated when no one is home. Decreased energy bills result in happier residents all around.


With the tap of a button on a smartphone or touch panel, owners can monitor and manage entry points, walkways, and more to ensure locks are locked, lights are on, and spaces are secure. Motion sensors notify building owners of movement in specific areas after hours and trigger text notifications when building doors are left unlocked after hours. Common areas are left safe and secure thanks to integration from a professional home automation company.

You could also add common area access control to individual units. Smart door locks can be managed from the common area, allowing potential buyers the opportunity to tour apartment models while unaccompanied. Installed security cameras tied to the system can also allow you to monitor the visit from the office.

Safety and cost savings are two major aspects of home automation that builders should know when considering working with a smart home automation company. Unlimited Integration is dedicated to providing a service-first home automation experience for you. For a no-obligation consultation, contact us online or chat with our staff using the popup link below. We look forward to speaking with you!

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