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Wondering if You Should Invest in Home Networking Services?

Here’s Why Moving Into a New Home Is the Perfect Time

Wondering if You Should Invest in Home Networking Services?

Think of all the devices you currently have in your home. Now that you’re planning to move to a new home within the Sugar Land-area, you have a blank slate for everything! One aspect you may not usually think of when moving into a new home, though, is revamping your home network.

Contacting a professional for your home networking services will ensure all of your devices work well. Whether you need a cellular service boost in your outdoor spaces, or if you need a strong wired connection in your home office, Unlimited Integration has you, and many other Texas customers, covered with our service-first attitude.

Keep reading to learn why now’s the time to invest in home network services.

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Handle More Devices

Moving comes with several associated costs, and most homeowners choose to upgrade their home entertainment and add additional tech to their new homes. Perhaps your new living room needs a new TV upgrade, and you’re looking forward to streaming movies and sports.

With the device count and bandwidth increase, you will want to add a home network that can handle the increased traffic. All your devices can work in symphony with one another with no one device hogging the bandwidth as others lag terribly or struggle to connect. Increased bandwidth, Wi-Fi extenders, dual-frequency bands, and the latest Wi-Fi 6-enabled devices will ensure you don’t need to struggle to connect to the internet.

Expand Your Range

If your new home is larger than your previous one, you can’t simply move your modem and router to the new home and expect it to work the same. If you’ve got additional square footage, then you need home networking equipment that can provide a strong and stable connection throughout every inch of your residence.

Regarding service equipment, take note that you will need more than simple Wi-Fi extenders in your new home to make widespread home coverage happen. Devices with high bandwidth requirements can benefit from the addition of wired connections and switches. Higher bandwidth can easily keep your home and all your smart home devices running smoothly. When you contact a professional for home networking services, you don’t need to figure out what you need and what you don’t. We’ve got you covered.

Moving can be a headache, but don’t make it worse by suffering from slow internet! Contact Unlimited Integration today so we can begin discussing your needs for a professionally installed home network. You can contact us online, chat with us using the button below, or call us at (832) 857-0080.

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