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Preparing for Guests: Your Holiday Home Network Checklist

Ensure Your Network Installation Is in Tip-Top Shape

Preparing for Guests: Your Holiday Home Network Checklist

The holiday season brings cooler weather, an influx of friends and family gatherings, and perhaps more time spent at home than other times of the year. Before the guests arrive for the seasonal festivities, make sure your Memorial, TX home network installation can handle the influx of smart devices and technology.

Whether you’re connecting smartphones in pockets or gaming systems the kids (and adults) receive as gifts; or increasing your home automation system’s speed, ensure all your devices work well when synched to your home network.

The holidays are an excellent time for making a list and checking it twice, so keep reading to review our home network installation checklist.

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Handling Network Traffic

High-performance equipment placed without consideration of location can be just as unhelpful as low-quality equipment. Merely installing the router in a central location in your home isn’t enough. Our trained technicians can design your home network to include not only range extenders but powerful wired connections at key points of your home to ensure the ultimate in network and device performance - even at peak usage times or in your outdoor entertaining spaces.

Before your friends and family arrive and begin using your home network, make sure it can handle the increased traffic. Your traffic also needs to be organized, and routers with dual-bands, 2.4GHz and 5GHz, help with congestion. MU-MIMO (multi-user, multiple input) designs improve router performance, as well, and further organizes the available bandwidth, essentially sorting each device into an appropriate “lane” for optimal performance.

Password Protection

Like we mentioned, the holiday season is a great time for inviting guests into your Memorial, TX home. Your neighbors were thinking the same thing, though, and their guests may look for an open network to join so they can connect to the web. Keep your bandwidth from becoming bogged down and protect your data by adding password protection to your home network.

Non-password protected networks are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, too, not just limited bandwidth. Online holiday shopping season is upon us, so protect your payment data from cyber thieves by adding a network password. An Unlimited Integration technician will handle this small but necessary detail at installation.

Your Internet Service Provider

Reliable hardware and wiring are imperative for a high-performance home network – that’s where Unlimited Integration comes in! Your ISP plays a large part in the performance of your home network, too, so make sure you’re receiving the best service and pricing from them. Contact your ISP for special seasonal deals, like increasing your bandwidth at a discounted promotional rate. Also, make sure to ask if fiber has arrived in your area and inquire about bundle packaging with TV services.

Your Hardware

While we’re on the topic of your ISP, you probably received a router from the company when you first began services. While ISP-provided routers work adequately, they aren’t the top of the line; they definitely aren’t powerful enough to support a larger home’s robust network of multiple smart devices or home automation systems.

Under-powered or aged routers should be replaced by hardware meant to support your network of connected devices, so it’s a good idea to reach out to a professional home network installation technician before guests arrive.

Whether you’re ready to get your network in tip-top shape for the holidays, or want hassle-free, cozy evenings inside streaming, surfing, and more, contact Unlimited Integration today to discuss your home network’s installation. Call us today at (832) 857-0080 or use our online contact form to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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